Blog post 3: personal story

Personal story

This article addresses the hard decisions people have to go through when struggling to conceive. This families struggle was with trying to fall pregnant and deciding whether to turn to science or to turn to their religion and the Catholic Church. This relates to this issue, as the Catholic Church believes it is wrong to use other methods to have a child, so for them the people that go to the church if they decided to do this could judge them.

This couple still believes that if they pray and ask for forgiveness that it is all right to go through with this. In the church document in my second blog post it states that couples must be married, conception must occur through normal intercourse and the embryo must be treated with respect meaning that no other forms of fertilisation should occur other than the natural way. IVF does not follow these three steps making them wrong and not allowed within the Catholic Church and this is why this couple had such a hard time making a decision. The Catholic Church sees adoption as a good thing and this is another way of being able to have a child even if it is not actually theirs.


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