Blog post 1: IVF issues and its impact

IVF is when the eggs are removed from the female’s ovaries and combined with the male’s sperm in a dish and in the dish fertilisation occurs. Through this a baby is conceived and thousands of people have been using this method since 1978. It has become more popular overtime; as there are now more homosexuals, single parents and families struggling to conceive using this method. Around 20% of couple is struggling to conceive children. IVF can work but some issues have occurred when using this method to conceive. Some of these issues are that babies are more at risk of birth defects than naturally conceived babies; it is not proven to be effective for people that have unexplained fertility, infection and ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome.

IVF can affect the individual in many ways; it can affect their emotional, social, spiritual, physical and economic wellbeing. This is because women can feel upset about losing the baby and all the money spent on the treatment that didn’t work. It can affect their social as they may not want to see their family or friends due to trying everything and having it not work. It can affect their spiritual as it may make them lose touch with what they believe in since IVF did not work for them. Therefore, if IVF doesn’t work it could affect them in different ways, but if it does work then all of this would be affected positively. Research has shown that women who go through with the IVF process have a stronger emotional connection with their child and enjoy being a mother more.

This video explains how in vitro fertilisation (IVF) works and how the demand for it is getting higher as there is more homosexuals, single parents and families that are struggling to conceive. It first shows people the natural way reproduction works and how they use this in the process on in vitro fertilisation.


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